WHRWLF „Dawnbringer” 2021

We are at the threshold of the new era, Dawnbringer is on his way!

Experience the new album from the new Militant Zone brotherhood member! 11 tracks will lead you one by one through the snowclad mountain pathways to the stars of our Weltanschauung.

1. The night of all nights
2. Through the thorns towards the stars
3. My banner
4. The last outburst
5. On the wings of war
6. The pulse of yearning
7. To the descendants of the blood
8. For the tragedies to come (instrumental)
9. The shade of the new conflagations
10. The victory deadborn
11. Step unto the hallowed height

The most significant support for this release, for WHRWLF legion and the whole MILITANT ZONE would be the widest possible distribution of this record.

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