ARKUDA – “STЪGA” (CD, 2020)


New blood joins the Heretics’ Camp – the band Arkuda from the Syberian Irkutsk released a new album under the Militant Zone label. The title of the album takes us back to the origins of the Indo-European language – Proto-Slavic Stъga. This word consists of 5 letters – 4 are written in Latin and one in Cyrillic. These are the two main alphabets used by all European peoples today. Later versions of this word in different languages have a different spelling: стезя (path), стежка, stezà, śćdzа, stëg, tikas, Στίχος and others. But this variant of writing the Path wasn’t chosen by chance – it emphasizes the points of contact between the cultures of one mother – Europe.

As it should be in 2020, the band appeals to the heritage of the European race and to the images of the abyss that this race faces today. Twelve tracks are published in a laminated digipack edition with 16-page booklet. Support the Young Blood!

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