The long-awaited album of M8L8TH’s mystical twin – Whisper of Runes – is finally available! Several years of recording are behind us and the Voice of Green Flash sounds for those who are able to hear it!

The history of this album goes back to restless 2014, when Templum Victoriae was published and the creative impulse was in search for new horizons and guiding lines.

And we found them. They were Myths and Spirits of Old Europe described by Otto Rahn in his significant work called «The Court of Lucifer». The lyrics of the Grail and Minnesang (these tracks form a single semantic canvas) tell the story of loss and discovery of the mystical Grail, the philosopher’s stone of Eternal Tradition standing in the center of all our Worldview. These two works were written by Alexey together with Kjarval – the friend we made in Ukraine.

The following tracks (except for the last two covers) were created based on the Boris Kaldrad’s works: he handed over his own lyrics especially for this goal back in 2015. He wanted it to be embodied in WJ projects, as well as in the book of poetry, which will definitely be published in the future. This part of Boris’s legacy comes from the period when the poetry that formed the basis of Nagelreid album was created, and in its style they are counterparts, but it was dedicated not to the War and the Fall of European worldview into the abyss of desert religion, instead it was dedicated to mystics of Grail and Love, of that Minn, about whom this whole album, is.


He’s the spear-bearing Man of Triumph of the Will.

He searches for the Holy Grail.

He conquers everything, he has no limit.

He’s Free and even then when he’s in bonds.


He discovers, comprehends and conquers.

She keeps the Fire of the Destination.

It haunts him and beckons to.

He won’t let down her heart’s Desire.


He’ll find, he’ll achieve, he’ll deliver

Her hopes to the Holy Altar.

That’s how they’ll make their dream come true.


Love chased them down.

They won’t be broken by the hassle.

They went through this Time of Pain with smile on their faces.

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