The third full-length album of the Russian Militant Black Metal division M8L8TH invites the listener to follow the footsteps of the Black March into the sacred halls of the past, where Gods and Heroes have engraved in runes what’s yet to come. Behold the Saga-album – grounded in historical events, yet like a true epic narrating a timeless story that gets you onto a journey of heroic deeds and legendary adventures, from triumphal victories to crushing defeats.

Nearly a decade after the release of the iconic first album – By The Wing Of Black (2004), Alexey again becomes the voice of M8L8TH – irreplaceable leader and inspiring ideologue of the band that has long been kept imprisoned. He is accompanied by a second vocalist, Alexander, who brings pure, heroic tones to M8L8TH, openings new facets of its sounding, making the album’s musicality truly unique.

A total of 1000 numbered copies is released, each digi-pack featuring an original design and illustrations. All of the materials in the English edition of the booklet are fully in English.

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