M8L8TH – The Black Grave (single, 2022)

It’s done! We and our friends are almost all alive, and our work continues!

“The Black Grave” – a single that precedes the release of the full-length album M8L8TH, which we are finishing right in these days of the war!

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…Lonely my voice sounds in the surf on the melting snow …
And in the movement of the fast wind among the drooping branches ..
In the rocks among the rocks of mountain rivers…you will hear me…
And in mounds in a decayed web of bones…

Elämäsi on turhaa hautani majesteettisessä varjossa!


So, it’s time! Spirits from the dungeons of the early 2000s have escaped! We present to your attention the long-awaited DVD-edition – “Libations of the Black Wing”!

The release is a recording of the anniversary concert of M8L8TH with “By the Wing of Black” program, played in the correct order on the band’s 15th anniversary in 2019 on the ASGARDSREI stage. The video sequence was edited interspersed with the corresponding footage of the M8L8TH concert from 2004, at the “Wolf’s Lair”, which makes this release really attractive from the point of view of the band’s historiography.

The publication is made in a two-panel digipak, an audio CD is added to the digipak. In addition to the concert, the release also includes recordings from other years. The edition in the basic form is completed with 3 photographs from the history of the band (old-school printed), in the premium version – 10 photographs and a signed poster. The price is 25 EUR / 700 hryvnia and 35 EUR / 1000 hryvnia, respectively. By order, write – (no delivery to Russia and Belarus)

Two months of a full-scale War

Two months of a full-scale war – from the first day, February 24th, the MZ team was in the ranks of the Defense of Kyiv – at that moment it seemed a truly Tragic and Fateful instant: philistines car columns fleeing the city, air raid sirens, rocket arrivals and, of course, news from the borders, truthful and not, about Putin’s advancing Red Horde.

Without a fraction of a doubt, we stood up to fight the new Bolshevism – the stinking wind from the East, as if to the final battle with Evil and our Doom, in the name of our Fate and Glory. Many friends began to help us from the first days of the war, and in no salaries conditions (which is still the case today), without the full functioning of our and businesses, this help is the only source to purchase equipment, technical tools and consumables materials for life and fight. Your friendly help is needed!
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From Finland to the Brothers of Ukraina – COMPILATION (2022)

Heretic camp presents you with an initiative from Finnish brothers. The music collection Suomesta veljille Ukrainan, recorded in order to support the armed resistance of Ukraine.

All proceeds go to support Ukraine. Digital version out soon from Militant Zone. CD version a couple of weeks later. The compilation features unreleased tracks from Goatmoon, Sielunvihollinen, Circle of Dawn, Norhem, Pyhä Kuolema, Hiidenlintu, Pagan Skull, Kaarna, Vapaudenristi, Fatherland and Stormheit.

Slava Ukraini!

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Great news froGreat news from the certain studio up in the North! Our friend from glorious Finland, mighty Black Goat finished recording the guest vocals for the forthcoming M8L8TH album!

News as usual on our channels – and


Militant Zone as a label and event organizer has been very active in the last years. Iconic Asgardsrei Festival, first started in Moscow, and organized since 2012 is a name of its own and the bands being released on the label are in the avant-garde of ideological black metal underground.

Heretic Fest is another initiative organized in Kyiv (Kiev). As its sister event, Asgardsrei, is a black metal festival, albeit on a smaller scale. However just like the ones on the bigger festival, the artists invited to perform are in the avantgarde of the radical scene.
The venue, decorated with national and battle flags as well as the various propaganda, was filled in with around 400 of supporters from many European countries, who came to join the bands in the celebration of Yuletide.


This year the Ukrainian bands were joined by guests from the neighbouring Poland, making the event a Slavic assault of fury and a showing of unity of the underground. The first band that appeared on the scene was the Ukrainian Bergrizen, playing straightforward music inspired by the bands from 90s Scandinavia.
At the festival’s opening, the harsh riffs punctuated with the furious blasts from the drummer brough the images of desolate peaks of Carpathians, while the fast melodies resounded in the hall with the icy atmosphere. Bergrizen is the youngest band of all that appeared on the stage, but it definitely is an act that is worth following on the eastern European scene.


The second band to appear on the stage were the old tyrants of the polish black metal – Dark Fury. The trio pumped a highly energetic set comprising of all the classics from their wide discography. Harsh vocals and merciless riffs with the drumming of Diathyrron from the legendary Fullmoon are a staple of this respected act.
The old classics from “Slavonic Thunder” were performed alongside new ones, from the “Flooded Lands” and “This Story Happened Before”. Every song was applauded by the public. The energetic melodies with a lot of tremolo picking in the fast parts were mixed with the slower parts, in which the notes were denoting an ominous atmosphere. Dark Fury blended a unique balance between a polish black metal sound, and pure vicious aggression that swept the venue.

M8L8TH SET (Ukraine)

The appearance of the militant commando of M8L8TH marked the start for the crowd to go into frenzy. Salutes went up and the mosh pit was ignited to stay till the end of the performance when the Russian/Ukrainian division entered the scene to begin their audial assault. Two vocalists , each one with a distinct style and the angry, yet melodic guitar and bass work exclaimed the start of the attack.

M8L8TH is a band that always shines the brightest in the live performances, and the poetry behind the lyrics mix very well with a strong scene presence of Alexey. Like a firebrand of old, time and time again he was able to raise the crowd of supporters to even higher levels of frenzy. The entire hall was joined in a big mosh pit. Every M8L8TH gig shows that there are few peers that can match the energy and the stage presence of this band.


Another band in the event roster was announced by the sombre tones of the orchestral piece, that was quickly surpassed by the fury of intricate black / death metal harmonies. Polish Sunwheel, a band started back in the 90s , this time supported by a guest vocalist, Baal of Peste Noire fame, occupied the stage. The polish horde performed their mix of esoteric and occult songs from the newest material released by Militant Zone “Iron Age of Strife” as well as some of the older classics from their releases.
The symphonic and monumental sound filled the club with a cover of eldritch darkness, as the tempo of the black metal storm was not subdued, but instead was kept high until the end of the entire performance. The fast technical riffing was merciless as the band delivered one opus after the other. A flawless performance that once again stirred the crowd of supporters into a fierce moshing pit. During the last song “Taniec Run” Alexey of M8L8TH joined the band on stage, to deliver a powerful vocal performance.


The last ceremony of the Yule night was A-Kvlt, infamous black metal ritual, dedicated to the secrets of esoteric Aryanism. The scene was bathed in a blood-red light and a thick smoke was raised towards the sky, as the iron crown was wielded by the vocalist, while the musicians delivered one aggressive piece after another.

Clean vocals mixed with the raspy screams, punctuated by precise drumming announced a birth of a new man, unburdened by the degeneracy of the modern world. The fast, unrelenting music of A-Kvlt was met with an evenly matched fury of the supporter crowd, many throats singing the words of the hymns alongside the band.
Just like the sword, wielded by the vocalist cuts the weakness, so do the ideas presented by A-Kvlt and other bands performing on that night separate them from the mainstream, spineless ‘black metal’. Events such as this, are a shining beacon of authenticity and a proof that the true black metal scene is very much alive.

Concert note written by Ravnen. See you December 3rd!

More info as usual at and

SUNWHEEL (POL) “The Iron Age of Strife” (2021) (Militant Zone)

While approaching the review of the newest SUNWHEEL album called “The Iron Age of Strife” I’d propose the readers to take a shorter excursion unto the past of this notable Polish Black Metal formation.

This musical entity was born in 1998 under the name of SWASTYKA and originally featured current SUNWHEEL members Piaty (KATAXU, GONTYNA KRY) and Aranath (KATAXU) along with other underground fames like GORGOROTH’s live guitarist Paimon (ex-VELES, ex-THUNDERBOLT) and Slavonic Pagan Dungeon Synth master Wojnar (ex-SALTUS) and assisted through whole their history by the session drummers from the world-famous mainstream Metal bands (like BEHEMOTH, DIMMU BORGIR, HATE et c.).

The first demo called
“Prophecies of Aryan Moon” released by Stellar Winter Records back in 2001 already featured the finest of Polish Black Metal of late 90’s / early 2000’s and gained a huge interest and intrigue in whole radical Black Metal underground of those days and was re-released later a few times both on CD and tape. This title was later followed by EP’s “Monuments of the Elder Faith” released by Supernal Music (the original discoverers of DRUDKH and HATE FOREST) in 2004 and two fullength albums “Industry of Death” 2010 and “I am the One” 2018. After doing a great show on Asgardsrei fest 2018 SUNWHEEL get noticed by Militant Zone label mafia (owned and operated by M8L8TH members) and this leads us to the release of the brand new album.

The album starts with the alarming intro called «The Clouds of War Gather”, followed by one of the albums highlights named “Solar Path of Power” – extremely fast, charismatic and energetic blend of warmongering Black / Death Metal echoed with aetherial cosmic keyboards and bearing a few war industrial overtones. The song is dedicated to the awakening of the Sun God. “For those who did not answer my call – fear not to kill, they are already dead to me!” – is the ultimate motto of this song and of the whole album. Other basic (and based) tracks of the album include: “Word of Secret Light” haunted and ghostly at its start, devastating like the panzer division at its epic end, “Scepter of Destiny” – the apocalyptic slaughter blockbuster (“The war is not over as far as we are concerned!”) and certainly “Taniec Run” (“The Dance of the Runes”) – the albums absolute culmination and its crown with the razorblade cold guitar thorns evoking the ancient spirits of nostalgia over both the best years of Polish NSBM scene (back in late 90’s early 2000’s) and the best era of Swedish Black Death Metal scene (MARDUK’s “Opus Nocturne”, DISSECTION “Storm of the Lights Bane”, DARK FUNERAL “Secrets of the Black Arts” et c.).

Adorned with the brilliant artwork by WildeJager (whose genuine and conceptual paintings accompany each and every of the tracks on this Digipack CD), this albums stands out among everything produced by the “scene” today. It possesses the most excellent musical quality, mad drive of a roaring warmachine and refined performer techniques of the most prominent exoteric overground Polish Black / Death Metal monsters of today like HATE, BEHEMOTH and others, while the same time being deeply rooted in esoteric concepts of Ariosophy and European Traditionalism. Ultimately provoking and controversial, this album is one of the most notable releases of 2021 so far.

SUNWHEEL – Iron Age of Strife (CD, 2021)

The legends of the ancient Polish underground return with ‘Iron Age of Strife’. The highly anticipated new opus from Sunwheel is a majestic and militant work of black metal art with martial industrial undertones, exploring dark European esoteric heathenism and beckoning a new Golden Age.

We reach towards the ancient words of power,
Following the call in our stalwart hearts.
We embrace our collective unconscious,
Guided by the mythos and the cult of the ancestors.
Embrace the sacrifice, witness the memory of our blood,
In the Iron Age of Strife.
The old beliefs will be honored once again
Kalki is with us, and the Golden Age will be ours!

Preorder here