“News from the Past” is a beautiful fusion of militarism, overflows of sound space and daring radical views, enclosed in the contours of soulful keyboard melodies. The music organically combines pulsing ambient, marching rhythms and distorted guitar clanging, touching industrial aesthetics only in passing.

All compositions are sustained in the same direction, acting as a model of refined sublimity and the absence of unjustified pathos. The original message of ORCHID is reinforced by the symbolism of the texts, the message of which, in the “reciting” performance of Alexander, fills the chilling territories of cosmic sound. A.Less, as a poet, raised the literary bar to a height unattainable for most creators, writing conscious and at the same time absorbing consciousness poems, which, with the music of ORCHID, grew into such unique things as “Direction”, “Stalingrad” and, of course, “Wolf’s Lair” .

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