Wehrwolf – Black Metal brigade from Belarus, which has been by our side for a long time, performing with M8L8TH on both of the Asgardsrei festivals in 2012 (Moscow) and in 2015 (Kiev). Artem – the band’s front man is also renowned as the lead guitarist in Belarus’ most notorious act Kamaedzitca.

Wehrwolf’s first LP delivers a powerful black metal with strong metalcore influences. The album offers fast and aggressive material in the traditional black metal vein together with a few slow-paced tracks, which reminds of Absurd-like “Teutonic” sound (one of the tracks is, in fact, the Absurd’s cover). The LP is cleaner in terms of production than the demo released in 2013, and while it still sounds harsh and cold, the overall quality makes the material much more powerful than before.

The radical Eastern European scene is under severe pressure today and Wehrwolf is one of those new coming bands that keeps the flame alive. So, definitely give it a try and don’t forget to support.