The topics covered by this single are pretty new to the right scene – this is the search for a radically-oriented answer to the eternal questions of the Universe, world order, worldview. It isn’t just an appeal to the results or to banal entourage of northern mythology, but the statement of the Source itself. The Source which is the center of existing and of that Spirit, which burns like fire within blue eyes of Knights of all eras. Teorassologie – album is dedicated to coauthor of its title track: Boris Kaldrad whose lines will serve the introduction to this news: 

“It’s so quiet…
And only from far away
The murmur of the waves
Reaches my ears.
It’s so mysterious,
Among the great expanse
The voiceless void
I raise high into the air
My calling horn
Greetings the Gods
And their brave Champions.

The Fire
That made your blood boil
It didn’t lose
It’s luminous sparks.
It gave me something royal –
The flight of free and burning thoughts.”