To all who are part of the European Brotherhood and to all those who are going to join its ranks by attending the FORTRESS EUROPE FEST 2.0 on May 22-23, 2020 in Kyiv, IT IS DEDICATED… ⠀ On December 14, 2019, a new CD of the veterans of the right scene, the Ukrainian division of AX PERUNA, called FORTRESS EUROPE live, was released. The album contains 14 super-powerful tracks in terms of their energy and sound, recorded live at the FORTRESS EUROPE 1.0 festival of the same name. ⠀The Division of the Ax of Perun is the sacred custodian of European traditions and has been guarding the European borders of the Spirit for twenty years, singing the ideals and values for which the knights of honor fought and gave their lives. ⠀ Ukrainian version of the legendary song SVIATOSLAV, Ukrainian version of the song KRATKY PROCES RIZH TA RUBAY, which instantly became a hit of European gigs, dedicated to the AZOV battalion – AZOV. FULL CONTACT, PERUNOVA RAT and 10 more thundering tracks will not leave anyone indifferent. ⠀Let’s stand guard over Ancient Europe together!

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