M8L8TH – The Black Grave (single, 2022)

It’s done! We and our friends are almost all alive, and our work continues!

“The Black Grave” – a single that precedes the release of the full-length album M8L8TH, which we are finishing right in these days of the war!

Download the release and read the lyrics – https://heretic.camp/product/the-black-grave/

Listen on youtube – https://youtu.be/FZ2_s6zkrVk

…Lonely my voice sounds in the surf on the melting snow …
And in the movement of the fast wind among the drooping branches ..
In the rocks among the rocks of mountain rivers…you will hear me…
And in mounds in a decayed web of bones…

Elämäsi on turhaa hautani majesteettisessä varjossa!