ASGARDSREI FEST 2018 – Kiev (15-16 December)

The largest Militant Black Metal festival in Europe is getting even bigger this year: 2 days, 14 bands (representing 8 countries), and a venue large enough to host 1600+ people. ASGARDSREI 2018 is coming to Kiev on the weekend of December 15-16 with some extra events hosted on the day before the festival. The two-day format of the festival represents legendary bands from EAST and WEST uniting forces to unleash the Wild Hunt!

December 15 – Saturday (Eastern Europe):
GOATMOON (Finland)
ACHERONTAS / ex- Stutthof (Greece)
M8L8TH (Russia / Ukraine)
SUNWHEEL / ex- Kataxu (Poland)
DARK FURY (Poland)
WEHRWOLF (Belarus)

December 16 – Sunday (Western Europe):
ABSURD (Germany)

+ PESTE NOIRE will premiere their new album and perform a special acoustic live set (guitars, vocals, accordion and drums) on Friday, December 14 (the night before the festival).

+ the annual PACT OF STEEL conference will be held on Friday, December 14.

The regular price for two-day entrance is 50 EUR (limited to 1400 tickets). The price for VIP places with tables on the second floor is 90 EUR for two days (limited to 100 tickets, already sold out). Tickets are available to purchase online. Disclaimer: make sure to check your email after placing your order.

The festival will take place at Bingo Club (Peremohy Ave, 112). Click the “Location” tab above to find the map, photos and detailed info.

For regular updates, follow the official website: and join the event page on Facebook:

Горн войны возвестил – Дикая Охота грядёт! В этом году самый массовый метал-фестиваль в Украине станет ещё больше – с 14 по 16 декабря в Киеве выступят 15 легендарных Black Metal–команд из 8 европейских стран. Такого ударного состава на экстремальной сцене ещё не было.

15 декабря – суббота (Восточная Европа):
GOATMOON (Финляндия)
ACHERONTAS / ex- Stutthof (Греция)
M8L8TH (Украина / Россия)
SUNWHEEL / ex- Kataxu (Польша)
DARK FURY (Польша)
WEHRWOLF (Беларусь)

16 декабря – воскресенье (Западная Европа):
ABSURD (Германия)
FRANGAR (Италия)
NORDGLANZ (Германия)

+ в пятницу 14 декабря известный французский шансонье и всеми любимый блэк-метал хулиган Фамин устроит в самом центре Киева ̶д̶е̶б̶о̶ш̶ презентацию нового полноформатного альбома PESTE NOIRE и выступит с эксклюзивным акустическим сетом (аккордеон, гитары, ударные).

Фестиваль состоится в клубе Бинго по адресу пр-т Победы, 112.

Цена билета на все дни мероприятия – 1200 грн. (билеты на один не продаются). Заказать билеты можно через официальный сайт (доставка почтой), либо приобрести в нашем магазине Militant Store на Майдане, по адресу переулок Шевченко 5 (см. карту и расписание работы).

Следите за обновлениями на официальном сайте, подписывайтесь на страницы фестиваля в ВК: и FB: Дикая Охота грядёт!

ASGARDSREI fest 2018 will take place at Bingo Club (Peremohy Ave, 112) – one of the most popular venues for metal shows in Kiev. Its major advantage is size – unlike Sentrum club which was clearly too small for ASGARDSREI, Bingo offers almost twice the space.
bingo1_658bingo2_658The venue is easily accessible by metro – it is located near “Sviatoshyn” station (red line) and it only takes 20-30 minutes to get there from the city centre. Alternatively, you can use a taxi – “Uber” service is really cheap in Kiev and usually costs around 3 EUR for an average trip.

We recommend our guests to find a place to stay in the city centre (Khreshchatyk street and the nearby area), – that way you’ll have a chance to explore the city. The other reason it the proximity of our store, which is located near Maidan square (the very heart of the city). Finally, acoustic Peste Noire show on Friday (Dec 14) will take place in the central area as well.


14.00 – 19.00: Reconquista conference (full announcement coming soon)

20.00 – 22.00: Kabaret Peste Noire acoustic live show and new album presentation


14.00: doors open

15.45: festival begins

24.00: closing the first day of the festival


14.30: doors open

16.00: the second day of the festival begins

24.00: closing the festival

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