Nocturnal melodies and celestial sounds – the long awaited single by AKVLT (the ritual side-project of M8L8TH) has finally been released!

Dressed in eternity,
He marches in iron.
He conquers, he judges,
He is the Forthcoming.


After two years of silence, the gates to the untamed wilderness of M8L8TH open with the new single! With broken bones and burning hearts, we ride the storm – the Storm over Azov:

Ravens fly in the night for harvest
Through the haze of the nocturnal heat
Drinking stars from the glacial eye-nests
Of those who were too young to live

Blood is boiling in vicious seawater
Storm is crushing the dome of the sky
Wind embraces those fallen in slaughter
Proud folk destined never to die

Wolves of Wotan lay a path to the East
Smelling fear under the enemies’ skin
To reap the flesh of the hateful Red Beast
To hunt down the ignoble kin

Knights of König march on to the sunrise
Dipped in blood their banners of gold
Ritter-Kings descend through the night skies
Bringing nobility into this world

From the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains
Wind transcends into unearthly dream
From the graves – their number is countless
Fallen heroes arise armored in gleam

In the eyes of those crowned by Gods
You can see our cast-iron troth
Among ruins of once mighty strongholds
You can hear our clandestine oath

Feeding blood to the river of wrath
Washing away the tracks of invasion
From the trenches and shores of Azov
Rise in arms the Ideal of Nation

Storm is rushing through tormented Europe
Sacred tempest roars over its lands
Turning futile despair into furor
New beginning shall come from our hands