The third full-length album of the Russian Militant Black Metal division M8L8TH invites the listener to follow the footsteps of the Black March into the sacred halls of the past, where Gods and Heroes have engraved in runes what’s yet to come. Behold the Saga-album – grounded in historical events, yet like a true epic narrating a timeless story that gets you onto a journey of heroic deeds and legendary adventures, from triumphal victories to crushing defeats.

Nearly a decade after the release of the iconic first album – By The Wing Of Black (2004), Alexey again becomes the voice of M8L8TH – irreplaceable leader and inspiring ideologue of the band that has long been kept imprisoned. He is accompanied by a second vocalist, Alexander, who brings pure, heroic tones to M8L8TH, openings new facets of its sounding, making the album’s musicality truly unique.

A total of 1000 numbered copies is released, each digi-pack featuring an original design and illustrations. All of the materials in the English edition of the booklet are fully in English.

1. Die Fahne Hoch

Proud banners up, the ranks are now closed tightly;
The Brownshirts sternly measure out their pace.
Fight to the last! We’ll be in death united!
Dead comrades, march with us through haze!
Look now, the way ahead is clear for our legions.
Prepare to stand your ground and rush to the attack.
Stand for the hopes of those who pledged allegiance
To Will, to Race, to Führer, to the Blood flag!

Fatherland, Fatherland, you’re above all!
Will of the fighter, strength of the people!
Fatherland, Fatherland, cast chuckles off;
Cast off the red plight, chains of betrayal!

Firearm spanning over one’s shoulder,
Bayonets gleaming like stars, rifles shriek!
Fatherland, Fatherland, waiting no longer –
Honor will triumph; come forth, Bolshevik

Fatherland, Fatherland, we’re heading East.
Führer, to you our youth consecrated!
Conquest and battlefield – all there is.
Our imperium grows ever greater!

2. Gjallarhorn

Gjallarhorn – thunderborn,
Filling the air with light.
Ushering Mages dawn,
Heralding great fight!

Flames arise from below,
Rumbling sea turns black.
Everywhere creatures howl
Heil to you, Ragnarök!

Only few shall survive –
Flaming Borean hearts,
Bringing Gods back to life,
They will fight to the last!

At the end of our Age
Fear and gore shall reign,
Strife and discord prevail,
Boiling blood in the veins!

Sing along, bayonets,
Gods and heroes rest.
Open wound, raging pain
Pulsing in the young chest.

Holy runes on our flags,
Crow banners up high!
Smash the rivals like bugs,
Burn the menorah shrine!

Flames arise from below,
Rumbling sea turns black
Everywhere creatures howl
Heil to you, Ragnarök!

Gjallarhorn – thunderborn
Filling the air with light
Ushering Mages dawn
Heralding great fight

3. Patria

Hear the martial trumpets, listen to their chant,
Proudly wave the banners stained with noble blood.
In the heat of slaughter, smashing like Mjölnir
Warwolves feel no mercy, warwolves have no fear!

Marching sounds like thunder, millions of boots
Step over opponents, crush the rival troops.
Mangled horned helmets pulled over the eyes,
Filled with faith in Führer, glimmering like ice!

Cloaks of deepest charcoal flutter in the wind,
In the rays of black sun spreading raven wings.
Their hands remember coolness of the sward;
Now they hold machine-guns, striking deadly chords.

Wounded mountains whisper in the sleepless night,
Howling in the trenches ghosts of fallen knights,
Voices of ancestors in a choir unite:
“Patria is sacred – either win or die”

4. Einherjar Sign

Time is merciless to the Withered,
Ashes of the past suffocating him.
Hearing raven words he is shivering,
Disappearing in the Navi dim.

Fish of heather strives under Father’s cloak,
Blue-eyed spreading wide overwhelming glow.
Secret knowledge dwells under slabs of ice –
Mímir gives it all to the chosen ones.

In the times of wolves, in devouring gloom,
In the painful Threads of the sacred Thoughts,
With a knowing heart striving for the truth,
Through the serried lips – crushing worldly walls!

Roofing – Arrow Field in the Fort of Blood,
Taste of abhorrence at the table served.
Night of Chrystal, crushing into pieces cups;
Take a drink for Führer from a deadly cut!

Sign of Einherjes on a Bloody Ting
Master of the Volk, spread your raven wings!
Crush the Withered with the hammer wrath,
With the wind that blows from the ancient past!

5. Tears of Autumn

Tears of autumn shine on the armor bend,
Roaring engines dampen sounds of falling rain…
We walk in the night through the foreign land,
Leaving death behind, bodily remains…

By the Law of Force, over rival’s bones,
Reigning over one’s sacred Lebensraum,
With the bluest eyes of sapphire glow –
The Stormtrooper, Viking’s fellow knight.

Time has come for you, Führer’s combatant,
Tempered steel inflames in your mighty hand…
Fire flurry ‘s heading towards dormant East
Theodor Eike’s tanks like an iron fist!

Blood and soil under wheels of Totenkopf –
Pressing rivals’ short skulls into the filthy mire.
Preachers of Kabbalah, offspring thereof
Labour in Death Camps, burn in furnace fire…

Grinning Deadman on the ribs of tanks,
Glowing on the lapels thunder-silver runes!
In the battle fury, in the flames of hearts
Victory approaching, triumph will come soon!

Sacred ‘s our Madness, holy ‘s our war,
Cold is bayonet piercing through the core.
Death is brilliant from the Wotan’s spear,
Asgard welcomes those who fought without fear!

Reich has not outlived godly Ragnarӧk,
Unforgotten shall bloody day remain!
You are in our hearts, Führer and his Volk –
Glory does not die, only mortal men!

6. Courage Leads To Heavens

Courage leads to heavens,
Fear leads to death
With a taste of copper,
Bitter like disgrace.
Ashes of existence,
Will faded away
In the world that’s only
Bound to degrade.

I know we will vanish,
Perish in distress
Leaving only mythic
In the epics trace –
Epics of a people
That is long time gone,
Of the wind bewailing
Children left unborn.

Blood of pure Spirit
From the Tragic Era
Fills one’s veins with ire –
Doesn’t quench the thirst,
Summons into mire
Of the Time Forgotten,
Spilling blood as votive
To the Great Rebirth.

Triumph of a Hero
With a Heart of Steel.
Heroes never shiver
Although death is near.
Bringing back past glory,
By the Right of Might,
Times of Gods and Heroes
From the graves shall rise.

Courage leads to heaven.
Fear leads to Death.
Fear of Death is crushed by
Hero’s scourge of wrath.
Right of Force, is Right of Blood
Spiritual Core of life
Our Force is our Gods
Giving birth to hope in us.

7. And Still It Will Be So

And still it will be so,
A rumble reverberates in thawed snow:
Ferocious skies. Shimmering dreams
That our world apart shall tear.

Heralding wrath of distress in our woods,
Severing skies with a hand soaked in blood
You have succeeded, but Rus’ will live on
And still it will be so…

Treacherous sleep overwhelms our sons,
Progenies of once great Aryan race.
Haze of oblivion covers their eyes
Burns noble hearts, blemishes lands.

You didn’t know that you served our foe,
You died without discerning the cause.
Enemy speared your life, and then
Lied to your children: “It wasn’t in vain!”

Ignorant, murdered your brothers, and died
Shedding the blood of their equals.
Heroes oppose and in slaughter unite.
Wake up! Our Earth is enfeebled…

And still in will be so,
Though Gods lie slumbered in the West,
And proud knights defeated rest.
Now in the East our swards shall glow!

Furious vigour of flickering blades
Enemy temples will then desecrate!
Radiant Phoenix of agonal words:
And still it will be so!

Blood-forged formation keeps on its way,
Ever powerful grows Russian Order!
Be white and proud, keep striking backhand!
So sweet is the blood of impostor!

Keep marching ahead, my brother-in arms,
More action, cut down useless words!
Harden your spirit and cherish your blood,
Let the Mead of Kvasir in you burn!
Veins are swollen with fire of feverous wrath,
Righteous fury this war shall ignite.
On the crimson of weapons Rus’ coming back –
Sweet revenge to ancestors’ delight!

8. Horseman With An Icecold Spear

Flying through sweltering flames with a spear of ice –
Radiant Horsemen. Dreamy Aurora of boreal lights…
Piercing with mystical blade the Nine Worlds,
Night reunites ,
Brings the new dawn,
And in blueness of dusk lowly thaws…

I look at the Sun in the morning
Where faces of Heroes reflect,
Of thousands bygone ancestors,
Of brothers-in-arms and in blood.
Great Eye, blinding the gaze,
Inside snakes coil into maze.
Runic Wheel and four rays…
Over the world let the Black Sun rise!

Horseman with spear of ice, flying through flames…
Seemingly eternal world stands at the edge.
Nobody’s coming back here, no one returns.
Hail to the warriors! Death – your reward!

Chaos of Pre-Ragnarok fosters the weak.
We are alone and outnumbered, but still
We can awaken your hearts to the truth.
We are the will of the Father, his youth.
Lord of Deception shall be dethroned,
Out of the Wolf’s Lair rises light-storm.

Nordic Blood Generation, Stellar Mystery Ariosophy.
On our blades, I believe, ascends into power
The Fourth, thousand-year Empire!
Songs of marvellous stars beckon into the cosmic abyss.
In the glutton of Wars, we don’t die, we depart into bliss.

Twilight of Gods, twilight of human kind; sentence of Norns measures their term,
Stealing our heroes, stealing our sons, driving to grave for mothers to morn…
Weapons at hand, we will now celebrate, Reaping the Blood at our own Trizna!
With your inner sight learn to discriminate – the metaphysical meaning of Racism.

Horseman with spear of ice, flying through flames…
Lights of the nocturnal sky… I open the door…
Over the brink consciousness or oblivion awaits?
Eternity turning to dust, torturing my soul…

Lives are forever transformed
by the Hammer Faith.
Wotan will lead me with runes
to the spirit blaze.
Our histories are all engraved
by the raven claws,
On the winds that turn into crimson cloth…

You, heirs of my Glory, are the ones to decipher them
and make a reality of our Feats in your proper way!

AKVLT (DEMO, 2013)

Raw Sound of the Past from the deepest dungeons of Wotan’s Youth! AKVLT is a side-project of M8L8TH, released by Stellar Winter label in 2013 as a limited, signed by blood tape edition of 88 copies.
This demo tape will not be reissued in any other format.

Let traitor spill his guts,
Let coward make excuse.
I find my faith in streams of noble blood,
I am the one who masters all the clues