One of the few albums in musical history recorded literally behind the bars. Lyrics and vocals for this experimental album by Whisper of Runes were recorded by Alexey of M8L8TH during his incarceration back in 2006-2011.

“All musical projects evolve in their endless searches for the perfection, yet only few of them stay true to the ideas which once were laid in their foundation. Because the musical forms change sooner or later, yet the ability to retain the original concept is a virtue for those of the strong spirit alone.”

The cold unity of this opus is the creative synergy of M8L8TH’s frontman and the ones of the young alchemist of TRANSISTORWALD. The total length of the album reaches 112 minutes, which are unproporionally devided unto three chapters: the 1st of them is the album named “Eternal Winter”, the 2nd part is the debut demo from 2006 and the final chapter of opus is the recording entitled “Mindnight Forest” which was accomplished in 2001 and thus became the first ever musical creation of Whisper of Runes project.