M8L8TH / NEZHEGOL “WotanJugend” became the first milestone of the samenamed meta-cultural project. The split album was recorded during the year 2010 – definetely the dark times for M8L8TH, when the band leader was imprisoned by the regime. Despite the fact that all musical and poetical components of this album were created by Alexey, he was practically unable to take a part in the recording, thus the place of the vocalist was taken by another musician. This work became rather experimental within the discography and the style of the band, yet remained an important reflection of those times of M8L8TH at the crossroads.

This split album was a result of artistic and ideological unity of M8L8TH and NEZHEGOL, which roots back to the “Unbreakable Faith” era, where Alexander (NEZHEGOL) performed certain vocal parts. Then two years of silence followed, surrounded with impatient waiting for the M8L8TH’s fandom, which ended with the release of the album on Lost Reich Records. Musicwise “WotanJugend” splitCD represented an unique blend of few genres the band came through from NSBM to Pagan Metal and RAC.

“To the White Wolf and the Knight. To the Hope of the Times Gone
To the Sign of the Inborn and the Chosen under the bloodred Banners…”