Militant Black Metal


Over its three-decade existence, Black Metal has regressed from a radical anti-modernist project – the black soot of the burned-out churches and clotted enemy blood, into one of the mainstream shock-scene trends, startling in appearance but empty of meaning.

Sui generis it is the absolute harmony of form and content, of words and deeds, which were the unique qualities that have allowed the Black Metal genre to exceed its subcultural framework, becoming a genuine and integral act of resistance to the modern world.

Death, war, sacrifice – these pretentious words have become nothing but empty clichés on the dark scene. Their authentic, sacred meaning has been lost for artists’ fail to breathe life into their creation with action.

After all, to sing about strength, one has to be strong; to sing about purity, one has to be mentally and physically pure (which implies, at the very least, giving up alcohol, smoking and drugs); to sing about war, one has to fight; and finally, to sing about murder, one has to kill.

It is this sincerity, consistency, and compliance of form with content that defines Militant Black Metal. It is what defines our existence.

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