M8L8TH – Tears of Autumn (single, 2013)

Слезы Осени


Tears of Autumn

Tears of autumn shine on the armor bend,
Roaring engines dampen sounds of falling rain…
We walk in the night through the foreign land,
Leaving death behind, bodily remains…

By the Law of Force, over rival’s bones,
Reigning over one’s sacred Lebensraum,
With the bluest eyes of sapphire glow –
The Stormtrooper, Viking’s fellow knight.

Time has come for you, Führer’s combatant,
Tempered steel inflames in your mighty hand…
Fire flurry ‘s heading towards dormant East
Theodor Eike’s tanks like an iron fist!

Blood and soil under wheels of Totenkopf –
Pressing rivals’ short skulls into the filthy mire.
Preachers of Kabbalah, offspring thereof
Labour in Death Camps, burn in furnace fire…

Grinning Deadman on the ribs of tanks,
Glowing on the lapels thunder-silver runes!
In the battle fury, in the flames of hearts
Victory approaching, triumph will come soon!

Sacred ‘s our Madness, holy ‘s our war,
Cold is bayonet piercing through the core.
Death is brilliant from the Wotan’s spear,
Asgard welcomes those who fought without fear!

Reich has not outlived godly Ragnarӧk,
Unforgotten shall bloody day remain!
You are in our hearts, Führer and his Volk –
Glory does not die, only mortal men!


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