M8L8TH – By the Wing Of Black Vinyl (vinyl + poster + patch)

Militant Zone is proud to present a multi-format reissue of the very first M8L8TH album – “By the Wing of Black” (2004)

Full set includes:
1. vinyl record
2. large A3 poster (sidgned by Thuleseeker)
3. embroidery patch with the very first, raw M8L8TH logo

Delivery price is 15 EUR/18 USD

100% produced and printed in Europe by Militant Zone.

Militant Zone с гордостью представляет издание первого винила М8Л8ТХ в полном комплекте.

В него входят:
– винил Черным Крылом;
– постер, подписанный вокалистом и основателем М8Л8ТХ;
– нашивка со старым лого М8Л8ТХ (2003-2008)

100% произведено и отпечатано Militant Zone.


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