We are back on Facebook

As you may have noticed, MZ page has suddenly disappeared together with almost 12K of its followers. This past week we were trying to appeal the decision but no luck so far. No doubt, we have plenty of enemies on the internets, therefore we ask our friends, supporters (as well as music fans in general who don’t want any censor to decide what bands they shouldn’t listen) to follow and share Militant Store page: www.facebook.com/militant.store

Since all ASGARDSREI pages were removed as well (together with our Bandcamp profile) we’ll keep you updated there. Also make sure to regularly visit our official website – the one and ultimate source of all important information regarding our events and releases: WWW.MILITANT.ZONE

Being a heretic always meant going against the crowd, so if the crowd starts to push back, you can be sure about one thing – you are going in the right direction.



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