A New Year’s gift from our crew

Those of you who follow Militant Zone should know by now that we are quite good at making epic festivals and filming epic videos (and also for being epically humble). However, let’s not forget that the radical scene is not an entertainment industry (although it looks like for many it is) but a meta-political project aimed not only at abstract artistic expression but first and foremost at direct engagement with reality by all means possible.

Quite often strong political convictions and militancy result in direct conflict with oppressive authorities, leading many brave souls to prison. Therefore it’s our duty to support all those who were put behind the bars fighting for our common cause.

That especially concerns labels, bands and event organizers. Playing music and making shows is all good but definitely not enough. Providing financial support to right-wing political prisoners is the very least each of us can do. With Asgardsrei fest contributing a part of revenues to help those in need we hope to set an example for other bands, labels and promoters on the radical scene.


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